05 Confusion

05 Confusion
05 Confusion

Fives are tricky. They are about cutting away the excess, letting go of what does not work so we can move forward in a better form. Five through Earth is letting go of the parts that do not work so you can commit to the parts that do work.

A lady sits on a chair with four discs around her and one more in her hands. Collectively, they create the Pentacle star (even though the lines aren’t drawn). The disc she holds is the “head” of the pentacle. Her dress is red to represent life and we know that the chair has four legs (stable).

She is clearly unsure about what to do as she holds the one disc. A decision must be made about what to let go of to allow the project to proceed. Her inaction is seen as she doesn’t seem to want to let go. This is why this is called Confusion. It is easy to be confused when we try to deny the changes in form that are part of life.

Divinatory Meanings

Difficulty over which course of action to choose. A need to let forms change. Feeling blocked by circumstance. A need to make sacrifices to go forward. Limits to growth to create strength.

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