03 Conception

03 Conception
03 Conception

Threes are the beginnings of Form. This is where a possibility passes into the realm of being a probability by establishing the limits of viability.

A lady has three discs. One in each hand and one over her belly, as if she is pregnant with it. Behind her is an inverted triangle shape in red bounded by a black landscape and white sky.

White is all possibilities (like colors of the rainbow going white when spun on a pinwheel). Black is nothing and limits at once. The Red is life’s options (blood) being narrowed from many to one. The disc being carried like a baby reminds us that we can only ever carry an idea that we can encompass. Any idea that we cannot conceive of is impossible.

Divinatory Meanings

Practical beginning of a project or event. Giving possible ideas a practical direction or concept. Finding a practical form through which a project can be grown or delivered.

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