Father – Air/Air

An older man sits in the open air on top of a tower. The background has some mountains, wind, birds, and a pair of stars. These all show us that this is a person with experience (travels) and well developed mental powers. His mind moves quickly & sharply.

We do need to ask though why he sits in a tower, seemingly removed from the world. It may be that his youthful traveling days are done and he can serve better from a place with a great overview or it could indicate someone who has withdrawn and to whom life has become academic or even pointless.

If the former, this is a man well worth taking advice & directions from. Be sure you prove you are worthy before approaching him as he won’t suffer fools. If he brings tests, understand & complete them with grace & intelligence or he will turn away. In this form, he is a wise guru on the mountain.

If this man has turned away from the world and let it become academic or seen as pointless, then he needs to find a way to connect again or his mind will either trap him in a fantasy world or in fears. In this form, he is a broken academic or poet.

Divinatory Meanings

Focusing most of their powers & attention on mental pursuits. A little separated from people & things. Scatty & humorous with a quick wit, or quiet & reflective. Using the lessons of past adventures and the wisdom of books to find the right path for yourself or others.

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