09 Imagination

09 Imagination
09 Imagination

Nine is the realm of the unconscious where mental possibilities begin their transition into the physical world. Nine through Air is ideas coming to the conscious mind.

We see a person standing in an open (and slightly dark) space. He is surrounded by eight stars with a larger ninth either beside or behind him.

We can have many ideas around us but there is usually one that stands out from the formula group that tends to reflect the rules of others. The one larger idea is the valid one but we have to decide if we will put it into action or not. It is easy to ignore (or forget) that idea and focus on the unworkability of the others which is why the obvious idea appears as if it could be behind the person.

Divinatory Meanings

Using the mind to fill in the missing parts. Seeing and understanding all the possibilities. Missing the obvious. A need for belief in your own unique ideas. New ideas need to be grasped.

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