20 The Un-Weaving (Judgement)

20 The Un-Weaving
20 The Un-Weaving

Am I here am I dreaming
Is it all as I see
All my senses my feelings
Aren’t as they ought to be
Now the sky has changed color
And I sweat in the heat
Tell me why there’s no other
Person here only me 

Have you seen my world
When will I return

The Protector Of Night – Classix Nouveaux
Night People – 1981 

We’re almost there, just this one last lesson and test. The song here is about falling asleep and that unknown space between being awake & losing track of consciousness. Don’t tell me we came all this way just to learn to go to sleep! Well not quite (another definite answer), but sleep is quite a good way to look at this lesson. Going to sleep is not much of a problem for most of us, but look at what the fellow has written in the song. He’s afraid of losing touch with reality and not being able to get back again. Seeing that nothing’s certain in life it could be quite easy to fall asleep and then have his self dissolve, only to wake up the next morning feeling totally unprotected and most likely lost. Thankfully this tends not to happen all that often.

When we fall asleep we shed our consciousness (ego) to allow our dreams to surface, and then put our consciousness back on in the morning before we wake up.

The lesson we need to learn here is actually to let go of the walls that our conscious build up around us. In the last card, The Sun we saw a flash of our true self. It is up to our own judgment as to whether we can fully unwind and become at one with our true self, the God within and the universe around us.

On paper, this sounds simple, but when it comes to facing this point of unraveling, most of us, most of the time, judge ourselves unready. I don’t recommend pushing past this point because I think that the results would be a delusion and dangerous; resulting in a major set-back.

Even just visiting this stage of life can be very rewarding. If you have the courage to face the lessons of the time, this un-weaving can open up many new opportunities, some of which may have their roots set deeply in the past. Possibly even in past lives, if you choose to believe in re-incarnation.

Divinatory Meanings

Opening up of the intuition. A desire for growth. Unraveling the illusions surrounding a situation. Clearing confusion. Allowing a situation to end. New opportunities. People or situations from the past. Initiation into the mysteries.

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