Youth – Fire/Water

A young woman sits in a plowed field with a large cup with a disk on it. She has already planted some seeds which have shooted and is considering what else she can plant. Behind her are a river & wider world with mature trees.

Youth are passionate and active by nature. This girl is constantly planting seeds, some of which she will forget about before they have even grown. To her, the world is a vast place in which all manner of things can be made. Making things comes easily to her but she may not realize that she only sees a small part of the wide world and that for things to be of lasting value, they need to mature beyond the steam of passionate ideas.

Divinatory Meanings

Always on the go creatively. Constantaly starting & building, not necessarily finishing. Creation & action tend to be emotive more than practical. Holding very high emotive ideals. Act quickly on passionate feelings alone which can make it hard to “pin down” or understand.

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