06 Joy

06 Joy
06 Joy

Sixes are about perfect balance and finding the center or core value of any thing or event. Sixes through water become about perfect emotional balance which we assume to be real joy.

A figure stands in a circle with four cups spaced around. On their chest, there is another cup. Above the person is a larger cup from which water is being shared with the other cups. The person holds their hands up and out to indicate that they are really open.

The “secret” to real joy is revealed by the “z” figure shown on each cup. This reminds us of the path that all things take of expansion & contraction – that nothing is ever static.

Divinatory Meanings

Balanced emotions bring joy. Being in harmony with your environment and so achieving a better experience. True joy of living. Being open-hearted and allowing yourself to be a part of all the aspects of your life.

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