14 The Re-Pouring

14 The Re-Pouring
14 The Re-Pouring

Do I know you or you me
I’m a new man it’s so strange
Time to change me look around

It’s so cold out in the tubes
I can lose me for a while
Just a slight change of mind

I don’t know if I can stop
Or would it be just a change
Can you help me

Am I real?

Real – Aeroplastic Voice
unreleased – 1989

14 The Re-Pouring (Temperance)

We see an Angel standing in the middle of a fast-flowing river pouring water between containers and the river. Three rays lead from an Ankh symbol (life) on her head to heaven. The colors represent everything (all possibilities), nothing (open space) & passion (birth). On one side of the river is a house (normality) and the other are mountains (journeys of change).

It’s nice to see a friendly face after our brush with Death. Here is the Angel of Temperance who appears to have one of the strangest of jobs of all the Tarot people. She is regularly to be found standing around pouring water from one container into another.

I guess the big question is why did God the Good assign an Angel to this rather menial task? Maybe this is a sort of job creation scheme for unemployed Angels! Maybe not.

This section of our journey is all about change, and if you remember the last thing that happened was that we got chopped up and plowed under. With this in mind, it would appear that our angel has a very sensitive task to perform. 

The fellow in the song is pretty confused as he is finding himself changing all over the place. He is drifting down the river of life no longer knowing who he really is and where he is going. Life’s changes have really given his sense of identity quite a shaking around. This is where our friendly Angel will step in. Her job is to re-assure and continue the processes of change that her workmate Death started.

In the course of our time with this kind Angel (I don’t know her name, although I have heard her called Mary, also Chamuel & Guanyin) we will find ourselves gently consoled and then guided to the correct information for our individual journey. All of this is achieved without speaking. Many a soul in distress will ask endless questions of this lady but I‘ve never once heard her speak a word other than to urge calm. 

If you find yourself in the care of this great Angel please don’t resist the new things that she offers. At the time they may appear worthless, but later you will see that they helped you to discover your new self. It’s these experiences in life that help to temper us and make us strong (like tempered steel).

Re-Pouring is the process where we reorient ourselves on a new path, new mindset, open to new possibilities or realize things that were always there but required painful change to be able to see.

Divinatory Meanings

Re-birth, Healing, Creating harmony, Balance between extremes, Incorporating new ideas into a situation, A period of calm.

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