07 Success

07 Success
07 Success

Sevens are about victory. This is not the final victory of the tens manifesting in the real world but of the emotions and probability of living in the physical world.

A lady stands in a garden with bright lively flowers. She holds one in her hand. Her pose indicates both solidity & movement.

Seven through Earth where the art & passion of the developing idea has taken root and started bloom in the mind & emotions. This shows the passions that turn an idea into a living thing inside ourselves or the team needed to bring that thing into action. This like a business plan backed by emotion & belief.

In a negative, this could be a lack of dedication to the project, but in a reading, I am more likely to see this with lower cards.

Divinatory Meanings

Love & devotion to a project will bring results. Physical effort has nurtured the project to the point where it may begin to be “born” into the world. Encouragement to go ahead. The need to have more solidly developed & backed strategies.

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