Child – Earth/Water

A female child who appears to be merged with water offers a cup against a purple sky with the moon showing as both full & crescent. A flame appears on a small scrap of dress that flows out behind.

While the Earth symbol isn’t openly shown here, we can see the child is very connected to the world as she appears to be merged with the ocean. At the same time, her nature is shown to be in the intuitive. The mix of earth & water is the ground for things to grow. The flame is a reminder that without true passion, anything that grows will have no merit.

Divinatory Meanings

Taking an intuitive direction and making it into a workable vision. This energy allows (or requires) to sit down to collect ideas & feelings into a seed that can be planted & grown. Unfortunately, this seed vision is not always easy to put into words or a concrete logical form so take care not to ignore or “stomp on” the vision. Look for practical energies to let this seed grow.

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