10 Happiness

10 Happiness
10 Happiness

Tens are about completion and having the results appear in the real world. Ten through water is Happiness.

We see a lady welcoming us to her home. The building is warm & rounded, capped by a sign of the moon. There is a fish in a pond in the front. A large cup stands in the doorway.

Happiness is complete in and of itself. It seems silly to say but so often when you ask people what will make them happy, they say something like “drinking beer”. Despite any possible pleasures in such an activity, this isn’t real happiness. Real happiness is a state that we allow, not a result of some action – especially not the result of another’s action. The happiness pointed to here (and perhaps achieved) is very real and rooted in the physical world.

In a negative situation, this can read as pipe-dream or fantasy thinking. I rarely find it that way in my readings I am more likely to see one of the lower cards instead.

Divinatory Meanings

Dreams coming true. Intuition & feelings become known. Seeing in what direction deep & genuine happiness lies. Emotion in the physical world.

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