10 Contentment

10 Contentment
10 Contentment

Tens are about completion, having things appear in the physical world. The end of the cycle and the rewards generated from the work done.

Ten through Earth is having your castle built. In some ways, this seems the happiest of all the cards in the deck. Contentment is our castle behind a white picket fence. Pets in the yard. Plenty to share. Fair winds. We see all these things in the image as the lady welcomes us to her castle, from which the Sun shines (all good things flow).

Please just be aware though that like all cycles, this point is passing. It doesn’t mean that you have to lose your success, merely that there are new things on their way. Gratitude is an important thing to develop at this time.

Divinatory Meanings

Completing a project, physical success as your project becomes real in the real world. Financial & emotional wealth. A view of perfection and possible naivety.

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