How does Tarot work?

This is not an easy one to answer. Sadly there are a lot of people who give very made-up answers to cover what they feel but do not know. If it works for them that is ok I guess, but it does muddy the waters for people who seek an answer that better stands up to scrutiny.

I am of a more scientific bent. I like to be sure that things that I do, think, and tell my daughters are based on provable facts. Tarot and the whole Psychic thing, in general, may not seem to be one of these things but I am confident that the answers are already almost there in modern physics.

Modern physics has found itself in so many areas that seem to switch back on themselves in paradoxes that they have realized that the universe works in a manner that is not quite a linear as we would like to believe. Read up on Quantum, Chaos and the other furry edged things we are currently picking the strings of from the ball of twine that is reality.

Carl Jung spoke of the different layers of consciousness that we operate on simultaneously. It seems mind-boggling the moment the mind starts looking at itself but rest assured that the model works and even meshes nicely with what we are learning about the real nature of nature where particles can disappear in one place and pop up somewhere else like nothing is out of place. Nothing is ever out of place in nature – or if it is, it isn’t allowed to be that way for long.

Levels of Mind

This is the image I drew in 1995 to explain to clients how I do what I do if I am not getting the information from my spirit guide (who is oddly the 48th Cleopatra I have met this year lol) but from the client themselves.

Levels of Mind
Levels of Mind – click to enlarge

If I am Square-Head A and you are Square-Head B and we are chatting then we are swapping clear and discreet messages at the level of conscious communication. A says “Hello”, B says “Hello” back.

We are also sharing non-verbal communication. If A pulls a “yuck” face as they say “Hello”, this tempers the meaning of the communication. B is aware of that extra information. Some of these non-verbal communications we are aware & deliberate about. Some we are not.

Below the conscious mind, we also have an unconscious mind that operates everything from our heart, breathing, how we walk, to the decisions we make about our lives. This is a big area that is hard to point to or define, yet it clearly operates.

Below that Jung postulated another layer (or more) of collective-unconscious where we have access to each other in a very amorphous form. This ties in with his “synchronicity” theory and the planetary-consciousness or Gaia ideas.

The information that we can access from these layers is very powerful as it is always true. Yet it arrives in us needing interpretation as it moves up to the conscious mind. We can only ever interpret based on what we as individuals know and have experienced. An example:

A lady once asked me if her husband was happy with the move and life they were now living?

I felt stumped with the answer I kept getting. I was seeing a brick BBQ. I mean really, this didn’t seem the time to be fantasising about sausages. Yet the image was insistent. I presented it and immediately she said to me: yes hubby just finshied making the BBQ (with bricks even). Once we had common ground on the image it was clear that husband (who was not super chatty about his feelings) was actually settled & happy.

This is why communication & conversation are so important to the process of giving & receiving an effective reading.

This is the same infographic again with color to help understand the different layers and how the exchange of information becomes more “blurry” as we travel further from the conscious mind. Further proof that we really share this world.

Levels of Mind - Colour
Levels of Mind – Colour

We all seek healing – Joy

I am, for some reason, more aware than the average person. I used to think it was that I was clairsentient (pick up feelings) but it turns out that I am on the Autism Spectrum (don’t worry, you won’t even notice) and that means that I am far more consciously aware of little bits of information that most people dismiss (which may be what clairsentience really is). I tend to put things into patterns – as we all do except again I am more aware of doing it – so I can see when patterns are “right” & “wrong”.

Some people feel very uncomfortable about their non-verbal communication being made conscious as they realize that they are in-fact “saying” a lot of things that they are not in-control of. I understand that but we are saying things to the world that we want help with. We never share what we don’t want the world to know & help us with. Mind-reading does not exist.

Remember that the unconscious can only & ever tell the truth. Maybe you don’t want to face the thing, but your unconscious (life itself) knows it is time so why fight it?

Be open and let us do the job life brought us together to do.

To find more Joy for all Beings (Go Buddhism – said as waving big burgundy & saffron foam finger).