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find new ways forward

My name is Benedict Roff-Marsh and I am a Tarot Counsellor. I offer consultations from my home studio in Elanora/Palm Beach on the Southern Gold Coast or via Skype if you are not local.


Life gives us lessons and we can feel “stuck” if we don’t learn the lessons fully. If you are stuck in a situation then you are not understanding the lesson (very easy to do). I can help you to move on to newer & nicer things.

When people go to psychics or fortune tellers, they are really hoping to understand something. The person may not realize what it is but if they are open to what life has to say the cards can really cut through a lot of confusion and deliver great guidance.

A Quick History

I am in my 50s. I have been reading people since I was a small child. My parents encouraged it and would often ask what I thought about people.

I found myself working professionally in a tea house in Brisbane which led to work in other locations. I did this for quite a few years and during this time, also studied Palmistry. read more

getting un-stuck is about solving the reason you got stuck

Booking Info

I work by bookings via Skype or from my Elanora home studio if you are local.

  • Sessions are currently $30 paid in advance.
  • It is preferred that clients come alone as I don’t have a waiting room. Besides, having friends in sessions often does more damage than good to your reading.
  • We will be having a discussion so please be open with me. Everything I give comes from you so if you are “testing” me then you are blocking the process. read more
  • I have no preference or prejudice for or against any race, gender or similar things. I DO NOT read directly for children, we can, however, discuss yours.
  • Anything we discuss is considered private & privileged information – except if you confess to a crime that I must reveal to the police by law.
  • read the full FAQ

to appease a silly law I must remind you that my services are only “entertainment” and not to be confused with those of an officially recognized and regulated therapist

Wow! I just had a card reading from Benedict Roff-Marsh. It was so insightful, and practical advise given as well. I absolutely recommend his services to anyone seeking guidance. His intuition and information was spot on. Thank you Benedict.

Julie M

Great insight and effective communication. The reading was spot on and I highly recommend to anybody looking for guidance.

Peter G